Monday, December 24, 2012

No Economic Collapse in 2012?

No Economic Collapse in 2012?

Draghi and Bernanke have gone full bore with quantitative easing. The money however has not made its way to the average citizen. Banks and corporations have appropritaed the money to i) continue cleaning their own balance sheets, ii) export the capital to foreign markets or iii) colluded to destroy the traditional structure of the "wage and work platform" present in capitalist countries.

China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and many other countries throughout the world are investing in gold, and divesting themselves of the U.S. dollar.  Newly created trade agreements in Asia, Africa and South America now exclude the U.S. dollar – the dollar is dying a rather quick and silent death.

There was a recent announcement that Great Britain has begun stock-piling gold. Bankrupt countries cannot acquire gold unless they steal it or create genocide and murder abroad. Now you know in part, where Gaddafi’s $200-$400 billion of gold went. Libya, a once prosperous, rich and safe country has become a wretched victim of the British monarchy.

While the Anglo-American union has failed to take full control of the Middle-East, they have been successful in stealing billions of dollars to prop up their own central banking systems. Mubarak, Gaddafi and Hussein may have had as much as “One Trillion” dollars in gold and currency invested in banks across the world. This theft has left the citizens of these countries in squalor and perpetual conflict, namely Iraq, Libya and Egypt. Afghanistan is much more complicated. This country’s drug trade provides U.S. black op’s with needed cash, it is an oil and gas rich nation, and as such it must strategically keep China and Russia out of the region. Does this explain Syria and Iran, and perhaps the drone attacks in Pakistan?

Syria has proven to be a stumbling block. The Anglo-American Union’s failure to take full control of the Middle-East has stalled a New World Order and currency. You cannot invoke global government when so many unstable national governments are not under the full control of a tyrannical authority. This is a key reason why the U.S. second amendment to the constitution is a target of the globalists. When the global armies swarm defenseless civilians they want no resistance or prolonged civil unrest. It must be neat and quick. No damage to infrastructure, buildings and the various electrical and mechanical networks. They seek a controlled demolition – just like 911.

Currency and credit card derivatives in the USA have decreased almost $100 trillion in the past year. Do you understand this number and how did this happen? The American financial system is rigged, just as the gold and silver market is rigged.

China and Russia have become uncontrollable and uncooperative equations in the proposed world order. In fact, China is slowly building its own gold backed currency system. Militarily and economically China and Russia are no longer pushovers.

The curtain is falling, but we cannot see its movement because the stage is being lowered at the same time. No matter what economic or financial measure is introduced, the global economy cannot overcome the grand scale of homelessness, joblessness and corruption. With the continued advance of technology and poverty, currency as we know it, can no longer survive. What India shed in the past two decades may soon come to pass across the world – the caste system.

Do not find comfort in your comfort because most of the world lives uncomfortably.

Merry Christmas,
Joseph Pede



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