Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ready For War

Ready For War

My dog has much more sense than you
He awakes each morn ready for his daily pooh
Barks to alert his master that it is time to go outside
Annoyingly interrupting my embrace with my sleeping bride

He prepares himself for the leash and collar
Completely unaware that I too must prepare to make my next dollar
The weather outside is windy and cold
A coat for the both of us ensures the family jewels are guarded like gold

Each tree trunk becomes an awaiting bus stop
Lined hydro poles each blessed with a watery plop
A good morning bark greets each and every approaching stranger
My dog warning all of the imminent danger

A ritual dance about the turf as he begins number two
Yes he is about to grace the grass with a steamy pooh
My civic duty is to package the excrement in a plastic bag
Forgetting that the smell of the dung generally makes me gag

Around the block as we head back home
My dog already excited as he readies himself for the morning comb
Gratitude and affection are delivered with his saliva-laced tongue
Boy can a wet kiss make you feel young

He stares at me with big brown eyes as I prepare to depart
Each morning I watch as he sits alone with a broken heart
A whimper of anguish is the last thing I hear as I exit the door
I, like the other millions, unfortunately must ready for war.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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