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Return of the Gypsies

Return of the Gypsies

The Roma, better known as Gypsies, originated in India but were not one specific group of Indians, not all of one caste and not even one people. In the 11th century CE there was a group of petty kingdoms in Gurjara in the Northwest area of India in what was then the Rajput Confederacy. These were feudal-type societies composed of a caste of warrior-landowners (Kshatriya) and a supporting population of non-warriors composed of Vaysas, workers and artisans who did all the grunt work for the ruling warrior caste and the Brahmins. Some were farmers growing crops and working with animals Others were metal smiths, entertainers, craftspeople, silver smiths, gold smiths or laundry men and women, in other words, all the people needed to maintain a working society to support their idle rich.

Source: Ronald Lee

The consummate depiction of the Gypsy lifestyle can be observed in the 1941 movie entitled “The Wolfman” . Béla Lugosi, and Maria Ouspenskaya appear in the movie as the occulted and mystical “Travellers”. Maria warned the skeptical Lon Chaney Jr. of the evil that could transform man to beast. Is the symbolism relevant today?

The Roma continue to have a “bad rap” throughout Europe, yet their history begs to be understood. The Roma are great musicians who introduced Flamenco, contributed to the invention of the guitar, and are key preservationists for much of the traditional European folk music. Some of these one-time feudal and garrison slaves continue their nomadic wanderings today. With poverty, homelessness and joblessness on the rise across the globe, perhaps many of the non-Roma may soon join the ranks of the wandering Gypsies.

My Italian-born father, now 89 years old, recalls that the “Zingari” travelled throughout Europe conducting trade in live-stock and all types of wares. Townspeople always kept an eye on the movements of the Roma people when they visited the local towns, as they feared what eventually became Gypsy lore – child kidnappers and thieves. My father, however, recalls the Zingari as well-versed business people who spoke many European languages, and conducted economic trade better than some sophisticated business people.

A relevant fact about the Roma is that nearly 2,000,000 of them were annihilated by the Nazi extermination machine. The number of people who perished during WWII keeps growing when you examine history (20,000,000 Russians, 15,000,00 Chinese, 6,000,000 Jews, 2,000,000 Roma and the balance of the 30-40,000,00 who perished consisted of Homosexuals, the Mentally-Ill, Civilians and ultimately, the Soldiers).

I bring to your attention the Roma because humanity today is slowly replicating the lost, displaced and dispensable wanderer of ancient times. In closing, I would like to remind all of you of a little known holocaust, named “The Holodomor”. In the winter of 1932-33, in the span of 4-6 months 7,000,000 Ukranians were intentionally starved to death. Yes, evil men can wipe out an entire group of people very quickly and show no remorse.

I have provided you this food for thought because the Wolfman and his mistress live amongst us today. The “SILVER” bullet still works.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The irony is dumb-founding. This article just became available online:
"Number of homeless students hits new record: Over 1 million"

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