Friday, December 21, 2012

Skull & Bones Heads Obama’s Second Term

Skull & Bones Heads Obama’s Second Term

John Kerry has been named the next Secretary of State. To ignore Kerry’s relationship and fraternal ties to Skull & Bones, and the Bush Family, would be a profound mistake.

This appointment speaks volumes of the control the Bush Family continues to exert on the White House. This appointment should carry forward Hilary Clinton’s legacy of duplicity and war. Her imaginary illness became a convenient excuse to evade questioning on the Benghazi attack - one that she orchestrated to incite and inflame pandemonium in the Middle-East.

My most current commentary on Zbigniew Brzezinski highlights America’s 2013 foreign policy objectives. Kerry is the perfect individual to manifest what Brzezinski has put into words. As Obama stated, no one knows American foreign policy better than Kerry.

Food for thought:

Both John Kerry and Joe Biden are Roman Catholics. The Vatican has just announced that all Vatican clergy and employees will be issued an identity card complete with an embedded microchip-tracking device. My belief is that the Vatican rules over the world. Microchipping Vatican members may be what many people refer to as the "Sign of the Beast". I happen to believe that the cell phone has already made this prophecy a reality.

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