Friday, December 14, 2012

The United States Government = Global Terrorist

The United States Government = Global Terrorist

It matters not that the Elitists masquerade in their comfortable castles when we can identify the hand that pulls the trigger. The U.S. government and its intelligence organizations are going to great lengths to destabilize the financial markets, prop-up a lifeless dollar and initiate war around the globe. The degree to which world governments have allowed this renegade country to destabilize this Earthly sphere is unconscionable.

The year-long gun violence in the U.S. is no coincidence either. The ongoing massacre of innocent civilians is an attempt to revoke the second amendment to the United States constitution, i.e. “the right to bear arms”. In order for the U.S. government to enact martial law, it must disarm Americans of the nearly 300,000,000 million guns in their possession.

The financial markets in no way illustrate the true health of the U.S. economy. The U.S. has an unemployment rate of nearly 20% or perhaps more, 50,000,000 people are on food stamps, many of their state governments are bankrupt or near bankruptcy, students hold one trillion dollars in debt and cannot find jobs, the U.S. deficit is approaching $17 trillion, and poverty and homelessness are skyrocketing.

To hide the financial and economic upheaval, the U.S. government has resorted to war and self-inflicted chaos. The stage was set for 911 and the curtain on this drama has yet to fall. What began on 911, Obama and company continue to propagate.

The global misery will not end until the U.S. government is sterilized. The only short-term solution is for Russia and China to defend their political and economic ally, namely Syria. They must obliterate the U.S., Saudi, British and French funded mercenary armies in Syria. There is no Syrian uprising – it is foreign. The turmoil in Syria is of the same genetic make-up that took hold of Libya and Egypt. It is time for Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping to show their hands and undo the genocide being perpetrated by a fabricated doctrine of terrorism.

We can let humanity crumble piece by piece, or we can force our governments to serve the will of the people, and not the whims of a murdering Elitist clique.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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