Tuesday, December 18, 2012



Tragedy has overtaken the United States of America
Assassins have gone crazy killing women and children
One insane event after another
Madmen birthed in the laboratories to awaken societal misery

Media provides the names and ages of each victim
A President cunningly presents his crocodile tears
Townspeople and elected officials rant their raves
Foreign governments extend their disingenuous sympathies

Assassins become investigative projects
All found to be mentally disturbed individuals who led quiet lives
Each connected to banking, government, corporatism or intelligence agencies
Men who violently escaped into the matrix

Across an ocean the children of war die in desert sands
Nameless bodies whose identities are lost in the declaration of an unknown conflict
Children whose rotting bodies do not hear the cries of a deceptive media
Victims brought down by the same guns that bring tears into the land of plenty

Heroes are hurriedly created
Liberties quickly become targets of suppressing new laws
Out of chaos the real murderers spin their new web of an occulted order
Hidden behind the veil of evil they plan their next assault on our senses

The malevolence is staged
The victims are real
The assassins are you and me, and
The guns are held by the rogues who cry crocodile tears.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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