Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What seperates the Elite from the Commoner?

What separates the Elite from the Commoner?

 a)    They kill for pleasure and ritual tradition. They employ commoners to kill on mass – they are called soldiers. The news reported that Prince Harry Windsor got his “first kill”.  Nothing like the fresh scent of a blood-dripping Afghani male. The queen must be pleased.

b)    They steal. This brings them great pleasure because the more they steal, the less we have. They love to see humanity grovel and grow financially weaker. They hide their riches in towers, dungeons and vaults. We have bank accounts of printed paper, they have gold, silver, jewels and art.

c)    They lie. Everything they say is a falsehood. They have learned to lie extremely well. Lying brings them great pleasure, and it affords them the time they need to become creative. They dream this fiction so that they can make us believe they are benevolent human beings. They wave, smile and preach as they dig humanity deeper into the grave.

d)    They are Satanists. They rejoice and celebrate in all that is evil, and deceptively honour our Gods to appease us.

e)    In order to abbreviate this list we can say that they completely shame the word of God and His Ten Commandments. With the exception of a very few political and corporate leaders, none of the Elite deserve the mercy of humanity. They certainly will not receive it from God.

We must enter the “Age of Aquarius” as awakened spiritual beings, not as ignorant buffoons. Every political and corporate leader in power today is a member of a corrupt and manipulative power structure. They are the sycophants of royalty and the fraternal establishment.  Our decade-long goal should be to deconstruct every organization, society, charity, association, institute, club, council, group, order and aristocratic title. In all of these exists an evil that has taken centuries to mature.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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