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Zbigniew Brzezinski is at again!

Zbigniew Brzezinski is at again!

Zbigniew Brzezinski sets the stage for the next Great War and then creates a conundrum as to why that next Great War would not be possible. Here are excerpts from his speech:

An emerging American-Chinese duopoly …must inherently generate eventual hostility…and hence conflict between America and China is “inevitable”.

Wars for global domination are not a serious threat in a post hegemonic age. Nuclear weapons make hegemonic wars too destructive.

Amicable relationships between America and China have been put to the test by the mass media…..the speculation of America’s decline and China’s rise as an economic and military power has created a great dilemma for the U.S.A.

Brzezinski singles out the media as a de-constructive power in China-American relations. This is no great revelation as we know the media is a controlled information source. He has also confirmed that countries with nuclear capabilities will not use them. There should be no great fear of an atomic war erupting. I have already stated this point over and over. Nuclear war is not a decision for our world leaders, but rather that of an extraterrestrial power.

Brzezinski raises the issue of nationalism. He states that it can be a domestic safety valve or it can be an out of control doctrine in a post-hegemonic era. I ask you to recall what the “hot” topic was at the last Bilderberg meeting - well it was “the destruction of nationalism”. Nationalism pre-empts a One World Order.

Brzezinski points out that the U.S.A.’s political and economic intervention in Asia is crucial, and that an American presence would contain any potentially explosive situation. He goes on to say that America’s role in Asia parallels Great Britain’s dominant role in 19th century Europe. Here Brzezinski is alluding to the survival of the Anglo-American union - one that has brought war and economic destruction across the globe.

This speech is intended to have the media undo the American character assassin, and put forward America’s 2013 “foreign policy objectives”.

We may conclude that the U.S.A. will become a de-stabilizing force in Asia, re-establish a cold-war relationship with Russia and attempt to take full control of the Middle-East. 2013 looks to be a very bleak year already.

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