Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Letter to Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping

A Letter to Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping

C/O Ambassadors
Georgiy Mamedov and Zhang Junsai  /

If Russia and China are to be credible economic, geo-political and military super-powers in this century, then they must exercise what great empires demonstrate at some point in their development – that would be an inclusiveness for all of humanity. Many of us recognize the fact that most leaders are surreptitiously appointed, rather than being democratically elected, yet there comes a time in history when the singularity of greatness sheds its cloak of fraternity, and casts its veil of inclusiveness upon all of Mankind. I speak not of the God’s Prophets, but rather of the trademark genius and virtuousness of men like John F. Kennedy, who aspired to uplift everyone beyond their echelon of ignorance. He like many others, are the ghosts and Saints that continue to guide Mankind while Mankind journeys through the darkness.

The profound person understands what is moral. The small person understands what is profitable…..Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.........Confucius

Leaders of nations have been endowed with a boundless gift. They have been given the power to destroy or build nations, and influence the course of human consciousness. Mastery of the body politic eventually shapes religious dogma, and the theology Mankind ultimately employs to structure the moral character of individuals like you and I.

The supremacy of power must not corrupt the leader, but rather embolden one who seeks to provide a shared dominion for all. The silent gratitude a true leader receives from principled decision-making is not monetary, but rather in the selfless act of knowing that he/she has assisted a greater moral Authority in sculpting a more peaceful world.

Those who diminish or discard the sanctity of human life should not be made to carry the torch of power. Power has not been divinely given to the elite of our society, but rather bestowed upon them by our own idle ignorance.

When we see the genocide and madness which has taken root in countries like Syria and assume that an evil lies within, rather than in knowing that it permeates from a foreign malevolence, then we are guilty of pre-meditated ignorance. How can a world seek to find peace, when those who speak of it practice war and duplicity? How can we ever expect a Muslim to find brotherhood in Christianity or Judaism when the actions of the former two extend treachery and not peace? The greater tragedy is in knowing that both Christianity and Judaism are pawns in the game of deception. How can we not expect the hand of vengeance, when we extend a hand that is scarred by deceitfulness?

For Russia and China not to act in the orchestrated Syrian revolution is profound ignorance, and unbecoming of greatness. Syria is a tremendously important battle-ground because “it will” eventually test the character of the two leaders I have addressed in this letter. Damascus is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Mankind’s history, and it longs for justice.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



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