Monday, January 28, 2013

Beatification of the Masses

Beatification of the Masses
Throughout history exceptional human beings have performed incredible feats for the benefit of Mankind.  Their motives may have been inspired by divine intervention, by an emotional attachment to a profound cause, or perhaps by shear accident. Nonetheless, their individual acts of kindness, devotion and sacrifice did help to cultivate a more benevolent society.
Historically, Mankind has struggled to find that common denominator that would help explain our existence; so the saints have intervened to help humanity find those answers. At all times however, those in the higher echelons of power sculpted and took full control of the theological change the saints brought to their respective times. One might say that God’s hand may not have been fully played.
As we venture into trans-humanism, we see the decay of many of the monotheistic religions and the rise of secularism, or perhaps an unrealized agnosticism. These transitions have not occurred out of our doing but rather because of technologies and ideologies that resisted change in the past. That resistance is now managed by individuals who seek to destroy humanity by presenting humanity with a false utopian doctrine. This utopia can not be realized because the masses are not considered utopian beings. Saints sought to inspire men and women of a spiritual utopia but those in the higher echelons of power managed the degree to which God functioned in our daily lives. A prime example of this is war. The main instigator in all cases of war is God, or so we have been made to believe. Every time we war, we blame God, and grow increasingly blind to the silent hand that steers the perpetual chaos. Ultimately, we are the pawns, the sacrificial lambs and the instruments of a misdirected theology. That would make us martyrs, and ultimately saints.
How does the Vatican invoke sainthood? There are four steps:

First Step: When the subject arises that a person should be considered for Sainthood, a Bishop is placed in charge of the initial investigation of the person's life. If it is determined that the candidate is deemed worthy of further consideration, the Vatican grants a "Nihil Obstat." This is a Latin phrase that means "nothing hinders." Henceforth, the candidate is called a "Servant of God."

Second Step: The Church Official, a Postulator, who coordinates the process and serves as an advocate, must prove that the candidate lived heroic virtues. This is achieved through the collection of documents and testimonies that are collected and presented to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome. When a candidate is approved, he/she earns the title of "Venerable."

Third Step: To be beatified and recognized as a "Blessed," one miracle acquired through the candidate’s intercession is required in addition to recognition of heroic virtue (or martyrdom in the case of a martyr).

Fourth Step: Canonization requires a second miracle after beatification, though a Pope may waive these requirements. (A miracle is not required prior to a martyr’s beatification, but one is required before his/her canonization.) Once this second miracle has been received through the candidate's intercession, the Pope declares the person a "Saint."

I think it would be hard to disprove that all of humanity has earned the title of “Saint”. We have been the victims of every imaginable crime, yet we seek no vengeance. Even when we have killed, we have killed to venerate the scum that hides in the corridors of power. Through the ages we have sacrificed one another because we believed that we fought for God. Ultimately we fought for murderers, assassins, and devils who refer to themselves as kings and queens. Is it not odd that these majestic hypocrites acquired their own power through the murder of their own predecessor? A royal can kill a royal, but ordinary human beings find it distasteful. Not since Oliver Cromwell has humanity been so enlightened.
In honor of our absolute ignorance I ask God to beatify the masses. I think we have earned it.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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