Saturday, January 5, 2013

British Royal Family - An Expose of Evil

British Royal Family - An Expose of Evil
Assassins, slavers, pedophiles, disguised Nazis and war-mongering Satanists are but a few of the adjectives describing the Windsor queen and her coven. This documentary provides startling evidence as to why Prince William is in fact "Rosemary's Baby" - the Devil resurrected using the Shroud of Turin's blood DNA.

William translates into Will "I am" - Diana refused to call her son William (omitting the "I am") and tried killing herself during his pregnancy. This is one of the most important documentaries you will ever watch.  Will is to ascend to the throne as William V = "i am" vi vi vi (the w = two v's). Therefore, "I am 666" is the translation for William V as vi=6 in Roman numerals. William was also installed as the 999th member in the Order of the Garter. 999 reversed is 666.

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It is time the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish to divest themselves of this evil. The Commonwealth must be disbanded for the common good of all.

A special footnote to Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping - never forget the British monrachy's historical role in the destruction of Russia and China.

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Joseph Pede

990, 4074, 4900, 5387, 6136, 6679

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