Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Computer Video Cams - Death Rays?

Computer Video Cams - Death Rays?

A couple of days ago I was viewing a documentary film on my labtop. For the reader's benefit, my labtop is virtually brand new. All of sudden, the computer made a "zapping" noise. The sound appeared to be coming from my webcam. A few minutes later, the same sound was heard again. I immediately blocked the videocam with an adhesive product. The noise stopped.

I know most people would say that I was imagining this, but I am now convinced that webcams are designed to remotely film subjects without their knowledge, or subject the user to some form of x-ray attack.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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Anonymous said...

My laptop's webcam has a label over it all times, with the words "big brother" printed on it. After seeing what the porn industry was capable of half a decade ago, you can be confident that any government agency worth its salt can gain access too. Doesn't mean they aren't remotely turning on my microphone without my knowledge but at least if they try to view me they're gonna get a nice big field of *black*.