Tuesday, January 29, 2013



God’s premeditated “Act of Creation” was a means by which temporal life could hypothesize His abstraction. To conceptualize a ubiquitous Deity whose presence fills the void of nothingness, is as to look at oneself in the mirror and see no reflection. Creation is the mirror.
The fact that political leaders have increasingly removed God from our daily lives is “Uncreational”. The fact that military leaders continue to consciously pit creation against creation is “Uncreational”. The fact that financial decision-makers have deliberately calculated the demise of God’s conception is “Uncreational”.

We’ve gone well past what should be unconstitutional, unethical and immoral. We have unabatedly allowed “Evil” to trample the sanctity of creation.
God’s ultimate gift to Mankind was His enigmatic gift of creation. In that one mystery, He allowed us to select our principal role in the hologram, by baptizing us with the gift of free will. Those who “willingly impose fear” upon others, are dispensable creation matter. They are as the radical and perilous comet which travels as a mercenary in the realm of creation.

The earthly physical manifestations of these comets include the Bush family, Netanyahu, Kissinger, the Clinton family, the Windsor queen, the abdicating queen, the so-called royals of the world, and Piers Morgan, just to name a few. All these individuals stand atop the stage, but creation is God’s stage. God has given His consent to have the stage buckle.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



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