Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting to the Nightly Prayer

Getting to the Nightly Prayer

God, you grow more distant in the hearts of men with each passing day
Yet your presence lingers in my heart
I cannot escape your eternal pulse
You poke and prod at me with my every turn

Suggest words that are then cast into agonizing contemplation

Seed constructive apprehension with the passing of each day

And In the morrow you present a world filled with melancholy

For it foreshadows the crippling of humanity
A dreadfulness that will produce a great anguish, and
Bring worry for the safety of the ones I love

It is without question a premonition that seeks fulfillment

An enigma that has met its match

These reflections bring an eerie inquisitiveness that is never ending

Answers make way for the continuum of more questions

Prayer too has become a torment
Restful words are interrupted by a catharsis of ominous thoughts

Lord this torturous ritual requires rest
A simple Our Father and Amen would so much better do.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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