Thursday, January 3, 2013

JFK, Gun Control. Aliens, NWO Fully Explained

JFK, Gun Control. Aliens, NWO Fully Explained

This documentary film by William Cooper which I just found should awaken you to the reality that existed and continues to prevail in our world today. It will verify who killed John F Kennedy and why, the role and existence of aliens, the fortelling of gun control legislation, why and how a New World Order would be formed and so much more.

William Cooper was a U.S. naval officer with high security clearance. I have written about Cooper several times, but never could so much be said, as what is revealed in this film. It even provides a picture of Lee Harvey Oswald standing outside the book depository when JFK was shot. You must watch this 4 hour film and amend your understanding of history.


You must then ask why George H.W. Bush as a primary assassin of JFK remains a free man. Justice is patient, but it should never be kept waiting.

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Joseph Pede
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