Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Mouth-Piece of the British queen, Piers Morgan, Annihilated by Alex Jones

The Mouth-Piece of the British queen, Piers Morgan, Annihilated by Alex Jones
If you are naïve enough, not to be believe that there exists an evil malignancy in the upper echelons of our governments, then you must be immune to the global chaos which continues to fester upon the various planetary planes. Conventional News media does its best to present a skewed and corrupted version of reality, but at least many Alternative News networks have arisen from the ashes to provide the authenticity that matters most. Take ten minutes and view this recent interview conducted by Piers Morgan:


The irony of this interview is that Piers Morgan, the mouthpiece of the British queen in America, fails miserably to defend the establishment position. Globalism is predominantly the work of two individuals. They are the British queen and the Dutch queen - the witches that pursue the demise of Mankind, while the German House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha head the greater Germanic agenda of global chaos and domination.
The parliament of the European Union spends much of its time attempting to preserve what appears to be the economic viability of the Union. The members should instead disband the Union, arrest all the central bankers, and put in chains all the royal families of Europe. Once this has been accomplished you are to commence the mission of confiscating their assets. Assets that have been acquired through murder, theft, centuries of duplicity, insider trading, tax evasion and pure evil. When this has been completed, you will bring peace to world, and liberate America and the Middle-East from the monarchist tyranny.

Elizabeth and Beatrix are the figure heads of war, murder and theft. Get rid of them. Disband the Union and go serve the people that you have sworn to protect and represent.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

The "Occupy Movement" should resume, but it should only occupy two places -Buckingham Palace and Huis ten Bosch Palace. The homes of queens Elizabeth and Beatrix.

For those in the establishment who ridicule Alex Jones for sounding like a madman in the interview, I say you have witnessed a man filled with passion. Never mistake passion as evidence to the absurd, as Alan Dershowitz would have you believe. The calm Piers Morgan exhibited was the silence of the Elitist lamb. You see the same silence when the Windsor queen makes a public appearance. Everything she says is scripted. Old age could haphazardly voice the truth.

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