Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Return of 444 and 666

The Return of 444 and 666
Let us just say that we have penetrated the 4th density, but we are completely unprepared to enter the cosmic “Age of Aquarius”.  What satanic propaganda vaccine has pre-empted our ability to walk into this new age with clarity? Below is a quick synopsis on how our reality has changed.

1st Density at time of creation - Tangible Existent World
2nd Density in about 1908 - Stimulatingly Comical Animated World
3rd Density in about 1950 - Cybernetic Virtual World & Aliens
4th Density on September 11, 2001 - Imaginary World of Illusions

The profound and catastrophic event which was planned for 2012 is just itching to make its presence known in 2013. Every deception, trickery, misconception, magic, sleight of hand, false impression, fantasy, hallucination, sensation and delusion has made its presence known in the past 12 years.
Since 911, we have been prepped and primed to gaze into kaleidoscopic chasm of the psychomantium; this to genetically mutate our thinking mind. The spin-masters of deceit have been allowed to orchestrate a false reality with little or no opposition. The disingenuous words of political rhetoric have mesmerized our ability to see through the matrix of corruption. I would argue that the majority of our political and corporate elite are Luciferian lice. They have all been indoctrinated into the Masonic pentagram of evil and ritual sacrifice.

I have already presented some of my thoughts on the meaning of the word “Sandy” and the events surrounding “Sandy Hook”, but here are a few more, An anagram for sandy is sdayn – it is a verb meaning to disdain (i.e. they really do hate the sheep). Have you heard of the term “hook word”? Well it means the ability to form another word by adding a single letter to the beginning or end of an existing word. How about transforming ideas? Logically, an orchestrated school massacre to bring about gun control.
2013 will see the return of 444 and 666 in their purest form. Please refer back to the article I wrote on March 25, 2011 – it is ominous.  Please also read my November 19, 2011 interpretation of JFK’s executive order 11110. The internet links are as follows:

The two important dates for 2013 are 04/13/13 (444) and 06/06/2013 (666). But never count out the Ides of March 03/15/2013.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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Tyler West said...

2012 end times prophecies - could all the hoopla be a false-flag for a 2013-2020 timeframe? One final "I told you so" before the real armageddon kicks in?