Monday, January 21, 2013

Watch out for the disappearing bullets!

Watch out for the disappearing bullets!

They can’t fix the global unemployment problem - there simply are not enough jobs to go around.

We have an education dilemma everywhere; it is just a matter of degree. We have an educated population, yet many graduates are deeply in debt or they have fallen prey to the jobless economy.

Real estate values have plummeted in most countries throughout the world. Foreclosures in the USA, Spain, Great Britain will continue to create havoc.

Central banks cannot raise interest rates because sovereign debt would become unmanageable for every country on this planet. It would destabilize the housing market and values as well.

How could the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing initiatives have a positive impact on the value of the “petro dollar”? It does not make sense. All this money-printing should have had a dramatic impact on the price of oil. It’s called inflation. It just goes to show that all the financial markets are rigged. Everything is up and nothing is down, except you and I.

We have a massive silver shortage, yet the silver value remains depressed. Every major economy is stock-piling gold for the eventual introduction of a gold backed currency.

Baby boomers are retiring all over the world. There is not enough money to fund this mass retirement – who will pay for the pensions and pills?

Before the shit hits the fan, Obama wants to confiscate all the guns. If he can’t get the guns, they will stop producing bullets, or restricting their sale. If they succeed in some concrete form of gun control, they will look to have a global currency re-set. The re-set would mean a global depression of unprecedented proportions. If they can’t get the guns, a major event will precipitate. The consequences would be worse than the first scenario, but better for humanity in the long run. All eyes are on the American people.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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