Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why do I want to “barf” every time I hear John Baird!

Why do I want to “barf” every time I hear John Baird!
Zionism is not Judaism, and any remark in defiance of Zionism is not anti-Semitism. Zionism is a shadow reference to the New World Order. The terms Zionism, Communism and Nazism were all established long before they presented themselves on the world stage. Giuseppe Mazzini and Albert Pike developed the three ideologies to establish a century long globalist agenda. This included World War I, World War II and the current global chaos intended to establish a global totalitarian regime.
Al Qaida is a shadow of the U.S. government. Al Qaida destabilizes a region and the USA soon follows: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and now in Algeria and Mali. The latter two are a diversion for the ongoing and unresolvable civil unrest in Syria.
The U.N. is pressing for the global adoption of Agenda 21, along with gun control. The second amendment battle in the USA is a Zionist agenda. Today Barack Obama began his official fight on gun control. He stated that at a minimum new gun registrations should require a background check on the individual purchasing the firearm. The irony is that this president has not allowed the American people to conduct a background check on his eligibility to be president. A rigorous review of his birth certificate has only proved that he is a fraud.
The world has so been saturated with chaos, that now a small army of globalists eagerly waits to push humanity over the precipice. The globalists have met in secret for centuries to plan a New World Order. If this new order is to bring about a harmonious existence for all, then why has such a plan not been made available to the community of nations, and why have the names of the individuals orchestrating this charade not been made public?  These secretive groups which include monarchs, presidents, prime ministers, bankers, industrialists and tycoons have no public mandate, and are in fact committing acts of treason.
As a Canadian, I am elated to see the First Nations’ People finally exert their rights on a national scale. This First Nations’ movement could spark a global demand for justice. Timing is everything. The Native People around the world have a far greater understanding of “who we are”. This movement is intended to awake a global consciousness on something far greater than ourselves. Shawn Atleo has pulled away at a critical time. He has not been overcome with ill-health but rather a Zionist threat.
We have global epidemics affecting every individual on this planet; these plagues continue to disguise what is the most critical issue, and that is “jobs”. Jobs have become a unresolvable systemic predicament, and the device by which the New World Order will eventually launch their attack on nation states. Jobs affect personal wealth, consumerism, poverty, employment and every economic statistic possible.  The goal is to re-set the global economy before the jobs situation becomes an unresolvable or unstable matter. The globalists do not want an uncontrolled revolt, especially when a country like the USA is so well armed - 300,000,00 guns in the hands of private citizens could sway the loyalty of the military.
Subduing the USA will set the stage for an attack on Russia - the Third Secret of Fatima. Vladimir Putin will determine the fate of humanity. The end-game will be the introduction of an alien savior. This final act in the play of the century has been communicated to us by so many people, including Pike & Mazzini, Wernher von Braun and William Cooper.

At the center of the pyramid sits the pineal gland - the all seeing eye of the mind. At the top of the pyramid sit the most powerful men in the world; they are Peter Hans Kolvenbach and Adolfo Nicolás Pachón. At their right sits Fra Matthew Festing and to their left sit the aristocracy of Europe.
Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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