Friday, February 1, 2013

The Windsor queen, Obama and Netanyahu

The Windsor queen, Obama and Netanyahu

W.O.N. the acronym for evil in the 21st century. With Netanyahu retaining political control of the Knesset, the fate of Israel should weigh heavy on the hearts of all Israelis. A Zionist controlled madman in the midst of a chaotic Middle-East does not bode well for anyone.  Netanyahu wasted no time in ordering a strike on a Syrian weapons depot. To what lengths will evil go to destroy this world?

Then we have a fascist dictator south of the Canadian border dispensing executive orders like diarrhea, staging gun violence throughout the U.S.A. and now, most likely responsible for the latest U.S. embassy attack in Turkey. This is no great surprise when you consider that high level American intelligence insiders have already released information that attributes the Benghazi attack to the White House, Hilary Clinton and Netanyahu. In a just released alternative news media report, Lyndon Larouche has made public that Barack Obama has been indicted by a U.S. Federal Court. If this is true it could spell Obama’s impeachment.

To exclude the British queen from this picture of destruction would be a dire mistake. This fanatical monarchy will stop at nothing to retain its glory and covert power. Their castles, jewels, art and governance over the commonwealth will motivate them to do anything – even the provocation of a world war.

The beleaguered success of these mad-people in Libya and Egypt has concluded with a brick wall in Syria - in part due to al-Assad’s determination, and in part due to China and Russia exercising their U.N. Security Council vote to block NATO’s intervention in Syria. Let’s face it, the English, the Americans and NATO really screwed Russia and China when they destabilized Libya and stole all of Gaddafi’s wealth. Not only did they undermine Gaddafi’s efforts to rebuild most of Africa, but they really pissed of the Chinese. China’s investments in Africa are staggering. This explains the emergence of chaos in Mali, Algeria and God knows where else. The irony is that our Canadian allies point the finger at everyone else, yet it is they who have employed mercenaries and al Qaida to stage these unprovoked coup d’├ętats.

What I find incredibly amusing is that my country, Canada, sends millions of dollars in aid to these now wore torn countries, yet there is absolutely no mention of the trillions of dollars the English, Americans and NATO plundered from Gaddafi, Mubarak and Hussein. I SAID TRILLIONS, mostly in gold. Gaddafi was on a mission to rebuild Africa with a gold backed dinar. Could this explain, and does it bring to mind, the reason why Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated?

At the end of the day Globalism will work only if Russia and China are subdued. I have said many times that Vladimir Putin will decide the fate of this planet, and Putin’s decision to act in these trying times is being provoked by an evil that we perceive to be good.

We may not like Putin, but I beg you to remember that is was Russia that halted the advance of Napoleon and Hitler. You should also know that it was the British monarchy, the Rothschild and the European central bankers that assassinated the Romanov royal family and Rasputin. This to invoke the first act of Pike and Mazzini’s manifesto (i.e. to give birth to communism) and take control of Russia’s oil wealth. Even at the beginning of the 20th century oil was a game-changer. Putin and Russia have been positioned to stop the third anti-Christ, the New World Order (NWO) disguised as “globalism” . Believe it or not!

This planet will meet its end, but it should not meet its end with its ass up in the air.  I pray that Vladimir Putin and the Chinese have the vision and conscious to make the right decisions. God knows our leaders do not. I encourage the Israelis to walk softly and carry a big stick – the stick make ready for Netanyahu.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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