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Boris Berezovsky was killed by British Secret Service?

By Arthur Martin, Martin Robinson and Will Stewart
PUBLISHED: UPDATED:17:18 GMT, 25 March 2013

Boris Berezovsky 'was killed by the BRITISH secret service who feared he would return to Russia and spill state secrets',
claims Putin ally

  • Kremlin insider Sergei Markov says Berezovsky was 'begging' to come home
  • 'British secret services can be suspected in death of Berezovsky,' he said
  • Secret letter from Berezovsky to Putin asking to return to Russia 'exists'
  • Berezovsky ordered drivers to speed while girls performed sex acts on him
  • Police calling his death 'unexplained' while 'scarf is found next to his body'
  • Experts fear he could have been murdered by the Kremlin in 'revenge' attack
  • Others say he was 'destroyed' after losing £3bn court case with Abramovich
  • Kremlin will not block any request for his body to be flown back to Russia
  • In 24 hours before his death he was seen dressed all in black and 'shaking'
  • Litvinenko's widow rules out suicide and says Berezovsky had 'enemies'

Oligarch Boris Berezovsky may have been murdered by British spies from MI5 or MI6 to stop him leaking state secrets to the Russians, a leading supporter of Vladimir Putin argued today.

Fears in the West that the tycoon was planning to make peace with the president and end his 13-year UK exile may have led to him being assassinated, Kremlin insider Sergei Markov has said.

After falling out with Putin in 2000, the 67-year-old fled to Britain where he was later given political asylum.

But after losing a £3billion High Court battle with Roman Abramovich last year, Berezovsky is said to have 'begged' for Putin's forgiveness in a letter and asked if could could return home.

'It became clear that he was ready to give out all information to the Russian secret services on those Western secret services who are trying to work on throwing Putin down. So they got rid of him,' Sergei Markov said today.

Berezovsky's death is still 'unexplained' according to police after his body was discovered by a bodyguard on the bathroom floor of his mansion in Ascot, Berkshire, on Saturday.

He apparently left no note and sceptical friends are convinced he was murdered because 'suicide was not in his DNA'.

British involvement: A senior political figure in Russia has claimed that MI5 or MI6 could have been involved in the death of Boris Berezovsky, pictured with his former girlfriend Elena Gorbunova

'Unfortunately, the British secret services can be suspected in the death of Berezovsky. And may be not only the British,' Markov said.

'There is no trust for the British secret services. After their participation in the plot aimed at occupying Iraq, their role in the plot targeting the leader of Libya, then the plot aimed at knocking down the government in Syria, it is clear that their methods are highly dirty.

'I think they may have guessed that Berezovsky would give away all information, and they decided to get rid of him,' he said.

Sergei Markov was an elected MP but is now a member of a presidential advisory body, the Public Chamber, and the deputy rector of the highly respected Plekhanov University of Economics in Moscow.

He denied that a Russian hit squad could have been sent to murder Berezovsky.

Details of his alleged secret 'begging letter' was revealed for the first time today and in it he pleaded for 'forgiveness' from Putin before his death.

The 67-year-old is said to have written from London to Moscow saying: 'I made a lot of mistakes. I understand it may be hard to forgive me, but I got tangled here and I am begging (you) to forgive me'.

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