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Bravo Beppe Grillo

The article posted below was printed in the "Telegraph" today. It fully describes what a politician should do in the wake of an economic crisis. Beppe is looking for answers, specifically as to why many countries in Europe have suffered staggering financial losses while Germany has prospered.

Part of the answer lies in the fact that Germany is quietly re-building a Third Reich. They never stopped being Nazis, they just found a better way of territorial conquest. As a Roman Catholic, I worried greatly about the German pedaphile Pope Benedict XVI. He was more a product of Nazi Germany than a Roman Catholic Pontiff. Worrisome is the fact that he appointed Ernst von Freyberg as head of the Vatican Bank prior to his abdication. A German banker and a member of the Knights of Malta. Rather than removing Germans from positions of power the Vatican was found drenched in them.

In all this I am confident that one of the most powerful monarchs in Europe, more powerful than the Windsor queen, may have influenced Vatican corruption. I refer to the invisible Prince Christophe - a wolf in sheep's clothing. This is another aristocrat that merits eradication. I wrote a documentary about him a short while ago, It can be read on the following LINK. Information on this Machiavellian protagonist is hard to obtain as his internet profile name keeps changing.

My advice to Beppe is to tell the Germans to stick the sovereign bonds up their sauerkraut, confiscate all the money the central banks and bank executives stole, and then move to a gold standard. Do what Iceland did!

Someone got very rich printing FIAT money with no hard assets to back the valueless currency - those people should be exposed. This remains a global problem. Beppe, this is not only about Italy. The entire European Union should be disbanded. Those who lead it are the true "pimps" of the world.

Beppe Grillo warns that Italy will be 'dropped like a hot potato".

3:18PM GMT 13 Mar 2013

Beppe Grillo, the comedian who has become the kingmaker of Italian politics, has declared that his country is 'de facto' already out of the euro and northern European countries were waiting to drop Italy "like a hot potato".

Mr Grillo repeated his call for a referendum on Italian membership of the euro. Mr Grillo's movement won more than a quarter of the vote in last month's general election, making it the biggest single party in the Italian parliament.

Since then, the country has been in a state of political paralysis as Mr Grillo refuses to contemplate a power-sharing deal with the centre-Left Democratic party.

In an interview with the German business newspaper Handelsblatt, Mr Grillo said: "The northern European countries are only holding onto us until their banks have recouped their investments in Italian sovereign bonds.

Then they'll drop us like a hot potato." The comic-turned-political activist, who campaigned against austerity measures implemented by Prime Minister Mario Monti, compared the technocrat prime minister to "a bankruptcy trustee acting on behalf of the banks" and described his Five Star Movement as: "the French revolution – without the guillotine."

He repeated his call for a referendum on Italian membership of the euro and insisted he was not anti-European, but a critic of the way the EU has evolved.

"I have only said we need a plan B. We need to ask 'What has become of Europe? Why do we have no common tax or immigration policy? Why is only Germany getting richer?'," he said.

Rival party leaders have been left attempting to form a coalition government following the February 24-25 election, which saw the centre-Left scrape to victory but fail to gain the crucial majority in the upper house of parliament.

Mr Grillo has refused to negotiate with the centre-left's Pier Luigi Bersani and neither will enter into talks with billionaire former premier Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right coalition, which came a close second.

"The old parties are finished. They should give back what they have stolen and leave. Berlusconi is physically at the end. No one will be talking about Bersani in 15 days. We are at the start of a new era but they don't see it," he said.

In an interview with a German news magazine earlier this month, Mr Grillo warned that "if conditions do not change" Italy will want to leave the euro and return to the lira.

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