Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cyprus: The Attempted Ides of Mr. Putin

Cyprus: The Attempted Ides for Mr. Putin

The Cypriot default was all about Vladimir Putin. European and American Central Bankers staged this coup d’├ętat for several reasons:

1.   This event was to test Mr. Putin’s metal, as well as to pit the Russian Oligarchs against Vladimir.
2.   It is a covert scheme to transfer Russian deposits currently held by isolated Cypriot banks into the greedy hands of mainland, mainstream and bleeding European banks.
3.   This transfer will expose the activities of Russia’s elite as well as plunge Cyprus into poverty.
4.   Mainland European banks will be in a better position to control Russian capital. Banks will both cater to and attempt to swing the financial power and influence of the Russian Oligarch’s further west.
5.   I don’t think President Nicos Anastasides’ life is worth more than one cent; even though he may have been the recipient of an enormous bribe.
6.   This was in fact a provocation of war! Cyprus was hit by an “Economic Hit Man”. The bullet however was intended for Mr. Putin.

All this occurred while Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper set his Panda-ring agenda. The people of the world and specifically Europe must bring down the Central Banks and incarcerate every royal and aristocratic family member.

The British and Central Bank revolver that killed Rasputin and the Romanoff tsars has been loaded again. The only way to undo European hardship is to raid all the royal bank accounts. The Windsor queen and the Dutch Nazi queen, are a global virus which need to be neutralized.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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