Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez

From Asia, to Africa to now South America the sinister hand that controls the petro-dollar seems to leave a trail of death and destruction. From Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, ongoing violence in Nigeria, an attack on Syria and now the death of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, the trail of murder is only visible if you dust off the deception and deceit.

Chavez was no stranger to controversy. He hated American foreign policy, or should I say capitalism, as much as Ahmadinejad. Political leaders that run contrary to the political will of the Anglo-American Union seem to have a very high mortality rate. Protecting the might of the American Petro-Dollar, and the oil revenues for the brides of Frankenstein (i.e. the Windsor queen and queen Beatrix of Holland) is still a primary mandate for globalism.

The BRICS, Japan, Iran and Pakistan have dismissed the Petro-dollar in recent years. This no doubt will have a bearing on the longevity of the U.S. Dollar as a reserve currency. Chavez took it one step further. Venezuelan oil was not made available to the United States; he preferred to sell it to the Chinese. Recently, Chavez took the unprecedented step of repatriating Venezuela’s gold reserves which is being held by Western banks. I believe he may have discovered what Germany discovered – the English and the Americans probably stole or sold the reserves.

Hugo Chavez did not die of cancer, just as many people believe Bob Rae of Canada died of cancer; nor do we seem to question the mysterious ailment suffered by Vladimir Putin a short while ago. It is my belief that all these individuals were targeted for extermination. If you can’t start a war to remove an undesirable leader, then poison him/her. It is cost effective and provides no finger-prints. War is necessary only when you wish to test new military arms, establish a military presence in a region or to just punish the infidel and set an example for the rest who are watching.

How Russia and China react to the changing leadership in Venezuela will be important to note. The ongoing health of Vladimir Putin is of equal importance. He continues to be an assassination target of the Elite. What I don’t understand is why he does not take the first step in eradicating these disciples of Satan. Why does he continue to play with fire?

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