Monday, March 11, 2013

Israel doing its best to “Net An Yahoo”

Israel doing its best to “Net An Yahoo”

Israel’s political parties are doing their best to secure Benny, or should I say Bibi, his prime ministerial position. Israeli politics are generally kept out of the public eye, but the recent election in Israel has created the same opportunistic quagmire as in Italy.

The political parties which will form the next coalition government appear more interested in their percentage of the political power, rather than the achievement of peace and stability in the region.

Benjamin, and not Franklin, wants to do his best to maintain his key role as chair of animatronics at the United Nations. Why stop at a picture of a bomb when “Big Ben” can elect to drop a few hundred of them on a neighboring country. For animation to reflect real life the animator must render several drawings.

Israel is drowning in economic quicksand, just like the USA, but it continues to elect madmen.

The only thing you will find under Benjamin’s kippah is a short wick, attached to a very dense layer of bone, which encases a boiling body of water. This picture evokes the same terror as the giant Nibiru. March 16, 2013 will dictate to what degree “terror” continues its tail (I’m referring to the other tail).

Israeli politics is not only challenged by political posturing but so to by the upcoming visit by the Prince of Darkness to Israel. Yes on March 20, 2013, Obama is scheduled to visit the Holy Land. Is that an oxymoron or what?

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Joseph Pede

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