Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rape the "royal" Bank Accounts

Rape the “royal” Bank Accounts

You people are not listening. The monarchies and aristocrats of Europe, the Middle-East and Asia have engineered the theft of the century. While you perceive constitutional monarchies and autocratic theocracies to be acceptable figureheads, I say they are deceptive dictators who have directed our so-called democratically elected leaders to empower bankers and multi-national CEO’s to de-construct our capitalist economies.

You must incarcerate all monarchs and aristocrats, tax their wealth 100% and expropriate all their assets. You will then discover how these Luciferian disciples have devised a history-long agenda of re-enslaving humanity.

These so-called elitist families have guided our governments into enacting tax evasion legislation, building brick walls so that the disclosure of their personal wealth is hidden, and have allowed insider-trading profits to remain hidden (i.e. via the complex web of corporate ownership these aristocratic scum have built over centuries). They have all your money and you will not listen.

The powerful bankers such as the Rothschild, Rockefellers, Oppenheim family and so forth are both the minions and architects of this grand theft.

Rather than taxing individuals’ life savings, sequestering their personal retirement funds, TAKE the money these royal rats have stolen through illicit, illegal and covert activity. Why do you people fail to understand this? Protect the victims not the criminals! Rape the royal bank accounts, not the poor suckers who fail to grasp the depth of the deception.
These royal rats have engineered war in Iraq, Afghanistan, the overthrow of Gaddafi, Mubarek and have been instrumental in creating chaos in the Middle-East and Africa. They did so to steal all the wealth that had accumulated in those regions over the past century. Now they want our wealth. Why cannot you not see how these sick minds operate?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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