Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Remains of the Day

Remains of the Day

The world innocuously gyrated about its normal course

While the Heavens observed the frolicking fools

Worried skies gathered in a protective embrace

Winds spiraled to and fro sifting through their hand-picked quarry

Stars flickered as they shed their luminescent glow

An eerie shadow had settled upon Creation


The cries of Mother Nature silenced by an aura of deceit

Birds sorrowfully quashed their tweeting operas

Bumblebees lazed breathless by the stems of the wilting snap-dragons

Majestic whales swum in confusion as they advanced toward their sandy grave

The mighty roars of the lions were engrossed by an ominous silence

Snakes slithered about as omnipresent predators to devour the remains of the day


Mountain tops bellowed ash-filled gases

Planetary plates cracked as an opposing force entered the sphere

Sea beds belched past their prison-like crust

Forests felled as if by a mysterious logger

Oceans hugged the shores as if to ready their advance

All of God’s creatures united as they prepared for their ultimate fate.


Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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