Friday, March 8, 2013

“Sandy” at the Papal Conclave

“Sandy” at the Papal Conclave

Some time ago I wrote that we would be approaching our first “Easter-Christmas”. I further stated that we should pay close attention to three days in 2013 – one being the “Ides of March”. It was announced today that the Papal conclave will be formed next Tuesday, March 12, 2013. This date could be numerologically translated to mean 333.

On January 9, 2013 I wrote a commentary entitled “Code Name Sandy” in which I referenced the meaning of the number 333. It can be read via the following LINK:

If we look to witness the third “Sandy” and not “Ivan”, then Cardinal Leonardo Sandri from Argentina could be our next Pope. He has all the required power and influence, and would indirectly solidify the “Italian Factor” within the Vatican. Not to mention that he may bring about an unprecedented South American re-evangelization. Was the death/murder/sacrifice of Hugo Chavez a stepping-stone for this next historic event?

I am writing this because something very perplexing just came to mind. If the “conclave” is to begin on a date which numerology identifies as one associated with great spirituality, then will it come to end on a date connected with death and deceit i.e. the “Ides of March” or March 15, 2013? The last Easter-Christmas!

If death is to make its presence known during this Papal transition, then the unexpected death of Pope Benedict on March 15, 2013 would simply too fantastic to believe. March 17, 2013 would follow with the celebration of St. Patrick – the Saint who rid Ireland of its snakes. I have so to mentioned the meaning of snakes in an earlier commentary, in this Chinese astrological year of the snake.

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