Monday, March 18, 2013

The banks stole all our money…..

The banks stole all our money…..

The banks borrowed all the money from the central banks at zero percent. They then invested the “toilet paper” in sovereign bonds or loaned it to multinational corporations at a nominal interest rate. Multinationals have kept this money in their respective bank accounts rather than creating jobs and investing the money in their respective economies. Corporations have trillions of dollars sitting idle in bank accounts, yet they still terminate employees, cut benefit costs and increase the prices of their products and/or services.

Bankers are controlled by and have conspired with some very evil people; namely the monarchies of the world, aristocratic lines, chivalrous orders and key global organizations. We have allowed these people to “enslave” us with FIAT currency. They screwed us because they had a printing press, and we allowed them to use it!!!!!

To top it off, these parasites own our politicians and judicial bodies. In less than a century we have allowed a monarchist-type-nihilism and in some cases, sadistic-theocracies, to sabotage the essence of our democracies and cull most of our civil liberties.

Today Cyprus announced that it may seize a percentage of depositor’s bank accounts. Likewise, Argentina has announced that it may nationalize private pensions. In both cases, there was no indication that they would default on sovereign debt, or “screw” the bondholders. The bondholders of course are those monarchies and all those parasites I just mentioned.

Yes keep waving at the Windsor queen, or queen Beatrix, or prince Chrisophe, or the royalty of Norway, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and so on, but they have just “fcuked” you.

When will you inane fools realize that the monarchies of the world are Luciferian disciples, who indulge in satanic rituals, human sacrifice, genocide, grand theft and pedophilia? These are impossible concepts to imagine in the world we live in today, yet they are more prevalent than you could ever imagine.

I remind you that we have entered the Age of Aquarius. This should be a time when we are expected to raise our God-consciousness; not fall into an unenlightened comatose state of ignorance. You know who the criminals are, why are we still waiving at them? Seize their assets and put them where they belong!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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