Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Child

The Child

Born oblivious to the ways of the material world

Without pomp and circumstance the child sheds its ethereal umbilical cord and separates from God

It becomes wholly dependent upon its terrestrial carrier

With the passage of time the senses prime the child’s instinctual essence

From four to two, the child’s mobility will free itself from passiveness

Restrictions will lessen as the mind begins its meandering fanaticism

In short order speech begins to manipulate the awaiting curiosity

Words replace the clearer and more abstract reality that once existed

Family naively begins to impregnate the child with the passwords to Hell

Love, hate, evil and all the in-betweens begin to distort the impressionable being

Every preconceived racial stereotype will soon be seeded

Hate begins the journey of re-affirming what the child has become

Look upon a child you may know if this scenario is too distant for you to remember

Then ask that child if it will become as you

The miracle may be that “the child may be re-created anew in you”.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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