Monday, March 11, 2013

The Vatican – “A Brand in Crisis” is Hogwash

The Vatican – “A Brand in Crisis” is Hogwash

Someone in the news recently remarked that the Vatican is totally out of touch with reality. Let me give that lost soul a dose of the truth.

The Vatican is the only institution, of perhaps one of very few, which holds the power of the truth. Those who possess the “truth” possess everything.

You don’t need parishioners when you rule the world financially and economically. But this material power is folly compared to the gnostic knowledge and ancient wisdom the elite scholars and theologians of the Vatican hold over humanity.

The Vatican will never transform, but rather it will continue to transform humanity towards the hidden truth; it will accomplish this via predetermined prophecy, as it holds the secrets of time – all time. The Vatican beyond all things, is a powerful scientific magistrate, whose depth of knowledge spans our Earthly dimensions.

To the doubting Thomas, I say the Vatican holds the answers to all the secrets.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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