Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Windsor queen Issues a Declaration of Equality

The Windsor queen Issues a Declaration of Equality

You don’t say?

…..the queen will be making a symbolic pledge for equal rights for billions of people in 54 countries in the British Commonwealth……

Who is this charlatan really trying to “wax” with this untimely relic of a pledge? The British monarchy’s historical record of slavery, genocide, murder, theft and covert corruption has yet to cease. The current Middle-East chaos is wholly attributable to the greed of her majesty and her majesty’s lineage.

Let us put the Windsor queen’s role into perspective. As the head of English Freemasonry, and the steward of the “Order of the Garter” (i.e. the highest chivalrous order in the British Empire, and overseer of the Masonic orders) she has conspired, and continues to conspire and breed nepotism, discrimination, and corruption in both the political and corporate realms. It has been and continues to be, the perfect weapon to ostracize those who attempt to voice the truth. What the world has witnessed since 911 so too has her guilty fingerprint.

This disingenuous dispensation of equality is “fodder for the unenlightened fools”. Even the queen’s stomach cannot handle this preposterous declaration. I too am type O negative, so I can understand this painful indigestion.

Thank you and get rid of the queen,
Joseph Pede

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