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We are now in the “Age of Three Popes”

We are now in the “Age of Three Popes”

Well I came close in my prognostication. Two out of three is not that bad – the newest Pope is Argentinian and of Italian heritage.

I must congratulate the Conclave for having put prophecy aside and having made a just and “fateful” decision. They have chosen “life and morality” over something that could have brought great misery to Creation. Nonetheless, Cardinal Bergoglio and his chosen Papal name have many symbolic connotations.

Let me explain why we have three Popes. For the first time in a long time we now a have a Grand-Papa, we also have a newly elected White Pope Francis I, and finally the hidden one, the Black Pope Adolfo. Unlike any other time in Vatican history, Pope Francis has been chosen from the ranks of the Jesuit Order. The great irony is that Pope Francis may still indirectly report to the Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolas. It has always been my contention that the Jesuits are the true power within the Vatican. The symbolism in that black and white have merged to become one is truly amazing.

The Jesuits are seen as the firm hand of Catholicism and will no doubt assist in bringing immediate reform to the organizational structure and inner workings of the Vatican. In step with this amazing fact, is that on February 15, 2013 Pope Benedict appointed Ernst von Freyberg as the new head of the Vatican Bank. Just prior to his resignation I may add. Mr. von Freyberg is a prominent member of the Knights of Malta. This year the Order is celebrating its 900th birthday - it received Papal recognition in 1113, and the current Vatican representative to the Order is Cardinal Sardi.

What I can deduce from the above is that the Jesuits will control the administrative and bureaucratic roles within the Vatican, the Knights of Malta will oversee the financial affairs of the Vatican Bank, and Pope Francis will be left with God’s work. I have in the past made mention that the City of London banking center is Vatican domain as well. If this is correct, we may see competing financial visions between von Freyberg and the Rothschild banking family. Financial prophecy may also change with the election of this Pope.

Let us for a moment discuss the selection of the name Francis. Saint Francis of Assisi is one of the Roman Catholic Church’s most important saints. It could be said that he revived Catholicism throughout Europe in the Middle-Ages, brought about a new evangelization in foreign lands and even attempted to convert the Sultan during the Crusades - at the risk of his own martyrdom. He desired nothing but faith in God, and God’s creatures. Francis of Assisi’s love of Nature rings as a warning bell for our destruction of Nature in our own time. In the gnostic scripture known as the Kolbrin Bible, it is noted that God placed great importance to planet Earth and Nature. This planet and Nature were an integral part of God’s Creation. Perhaps Pope Francis will endeavor to make clean once again God’s pallet.

I hope that Pope Francis will continue to preserve the conservative orthodoxy of the Catholic Church. Many might find this distasteful, but only because they have lost their spiritual ether. The will of Man is not the will of God. God provided us with Free Will, but he also provided us with a soul. The content of the soul will be a measure on how we have successfully managed our Free Will. God’s gift was both divine and harrowing.

I know nothing of this Pope, but I can sense that he believes in the sanctity of all human life. One needs no more than that to achieve what many may believe to be unachievable.

There is a great message to be understood with the election of this Pope. When the College of Cardinals selected this man, they did so knowing that many desired changes within the Church would not come to pass. They also knew that he is wholly a man of God, and not the servant of a terrestrial organization known as the Vatican.

Finally, I wish to deal with the topic of Russia and global politics. I believe that with the election of this Pope we may have, since the Great Schism, an opportunity to discuss the re-unification of the Church of Rome and the Eastern Orthodox Churches, namely the Russian Orthodox Church. It is no co-incidence that Fra Matthew Festing, Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta (i.e. the same Order that now heads the Vatican Bank) recently travelled to Russia. You may read my July 4, 2012 commentary via the following LINK:

The election of this Pope should send a signal to the world that the “way of the truth” holds a more tenable path for Mankind, rather than the destructive corridor of prophecy. Israel, you may now choose your political path as well – your leaders were observing and awaiting the outcome in Rome, as was Obama and the Windsor queen.

Viva Papa Francesco
Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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