Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Background Checks

Background Checks

Barack Obama is very upset that gun control legislation and background checks have failed to pass the Republican dominated House of Representatives. This may be vindication for the fact that the American people are still awaiting a background check on Barack Obama. Everything I have read to date, that makes any sense, indicates that Barack Obama was not born in the USA, is the son of CIA operatives, himself a CIA mule during his early years, and now fully controlled by the CIA and higher ranking Globalists.

This man’s public persona has nothing to do with his unscrupulous agenda – that is, the destruction of the U.S. constitution, revocation of civil rights, increasing terrorism inside and outside the USA and the financial ruin of a once dominant and respected capitalist and democratic nation.

One should feel empathetic towards the brainless American public, but a just conscious should not allow for this. The American people have seen their moral and ethical infrastructure destroyed by a totally corrupt political system; supported by a murderous military industrial complex. Both in turn are buoyed by a malevolent media and genocidal financial system. They have spread war and death across the globe and terrorized their own citizens through acts of deception in order to continue the agenda of death and despair.

911, Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon and all the in-betweens are desperate and murderous acts carried out by the American government to quell and disguise the real criminal - America. America has killed and continues to kill millions of people around the world to fund their agenda of war and terror. The Boston bombing is a “millisecond” event compared to what occurs every second of every day in countries throughout the Middle-East, Africa and Asia. How can you not see those victims and hear their cries? This is totally absurd.

The world should be ashamed of itself for believing in a fraudulent media which supports an agenda of global destruction. Every marathon runner should be preparing for their next run in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the other unmentionable countries where citizens dodge drones, bombs and bullets every day.

The only thing America does really well is to “kill”. Forget about poison filled letters – the real venomous snakes fill the American political system.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



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