Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boston Bombing - Photographic evidence that this was another "Terror Hoax"

Folks the Globalists are employing "terror" as a public policy tool. The reason is simple - some major event is in the works, but they must build-up to it. One thing is certain, they are eradicating civil rights and free speech in the process. All these staged terror events are intended to suppress one thing - our capacity to think logically. The real terrorists are our government officials and the media.

Please watch this video by Max Malone. In it you will see how a supposed bombing victim, who is actually an actor, participated in this staged bombing event.

If you read the real eye-witness reports you will find that the "first bombing suspect" (who is now dead) was in fact helping first responders put out one of the fires, and an eye witness said he was no shot by officials, but rather "run over" by a government vehicle. You must access alternative news networks to get to the truth.

I predicted long ago that several things would happen. One was the onset of a flu pandemic in China, another would be the take-down of the internet, and also the collapse of the EURO and U.S. dollar. The first two events will support the "terror strategy", and the last will be a pre-amble to something bigger.

Governments want to save the criminal banking cartel with "bail-in" legislation. This is just another way of fleecing depositors and protecting the Globalist money cartel. Banks are hoarding gold, refusing to release it to its rightful owners, and manipulating the market price (even though people are willing to pay huge premiums over the spot price to purchase it). The BRICS continue to amass gold, as are countries such as Switzerland, Germany and Mexico. Many mints, including the U.S. Mint, have stated that they will refrain from making gold available. Silver shortages have metal traders saying the price of silver will shoot to $500 an ounce, and perhaps it will soon be at par with gold.

To the honest politicians, policing officials and military - why are you allowing this happen?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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