Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gold - The Hangman’s Noose to be readied for Nuremberg II

Gold - The Hangman’s Noose to be readied for Nuremberg II

The far-eastern hemisphere of this planet is quietly aborting itself from the West’s womb of political and economic corruption. Led by Russia and China, the BRICS are constructing two monetary systems which will eventually collapse the viability of the European Central Bank, the City of London Banking Republic, the American Federal Reserve System, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. The latter institutions are none more than “sting” operators who implode resource rich nations through threats, corrupt financial practices or by subversive intelligence operations. To fully understand how small puppet dictatorships, aristocracies, theocracies and democracies are established and then destroyed, please take the time to read John Perkin’s novel entitled “Confessions of an Economic Hit-man”.

With the per ounce value of gold gradually diminishing, Russia and China, and other Asian nations are buying as much gold as possible. The intent is to establish a gold-backed RMB or mutually agreeable gold-backed BRICS currency. Concurrently, China and Russia are creating a global development bank which will rival the IMF and World Bank. Asia/BRICS represent approximately 60% of the global economy; by eliminating the U.S. dollar as the pre-eminent exchange currency, the future viability of the U.S. economy will severely be brought into question. The eventual collapse of both the FIAT U.S. dollar and EURO will mean inflation and severe economic harshness for the peoples of North America and Europe.

The fictitious rise of stock markets is intended to mask the economic Frankenstein which will soon awake. The once great America, led by a murderous British monarchy, is employing terrorism, war and chaos as a survival tool. They are manipulating commodity prices, specifically gold and silver, to rape private investors of their hard earned money. Cyprus is a case in point. Should Cyprus decide to sell all, or most of its 13.9 tons of gold to pay-off its sovereign debt at today’s gold prices, its debt obligation would increase by approximately $50,000,000.00. Additional hardship for the people of Cyprus.

Our political leaders stand idle as financial institutions destroy individual savings, investor portfolios and retirement funds. The collusion between government leaders and financial institutions is a “crime against humanity”. These people must be brought to justice and eradicated with the hangman’s noose. They are the new Hitlers!

Banks have come to control the global economy with a printing press and computer servers negotiating electronic trades. This is a criminal PONZI scheme! We must return to currencies which can be “mined” by anyone. BITCOIN is not that currency. A digital currency will vanish more quickly than a FIAT currency - BITCOIN it is an intangible asset whose survival is predicated on the viability of the internet. The internet as a ubiquitously accessible social, information and financial network will soon come to an end.

The following articles from “King World News” shed some light on the demise of gold. Needless to say Ben Bernanke and Mario Draghi orchestrated this downfall.

There is no physical gold for sale! The financial parasites are deconstructing the bullion value of gold and silver by selling-off fractionalized paper certificates.

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Joseph Pede

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