Sunday, April 28, 2013

Letter to Canadian Members of Parliament

Terror Indeed
Boston Bombings, Stephen Harper, Karla Homolka and More!

My hat's off to Russell Scott for enlightening Canada and the world with this amazing interview.

Once you hear Mr. Hawkins discuss the Boston Bombings, the murder of related individuals, and previous conversations with Prime Minister Stephen Harper, your hair should curl. Please listen to the entire video. It only gets better - Harper's wife, Governor General revelations, Homolka etc.

Once you have fully digested this one hour long interview with Russell Scott and David Hawkins your perception of government should change. The world has become so pre-occupied with an imaginary terror, perpetual conflict and a false sense of security – namely the demise of the financial system (i.e. one that we have long entrusted to safe-guard the efforts of our hard work) that we have lost track of reality.

I only have one message for those who receive this email or view my blog – “elements of our governments are so corrupt that to fully comprehend the evil that has infiltrated the hallowed halls of Solon’s desire, one must purge his/her mind of the vile that propaganda, modernity, consumerism and an unholy technology has implanted in our beings”. This is not a philosophical statement but rather one that must be self-realized by stepping outside the matrix. The new “para-dime” makes “no cents”.

Elected politicians “do not” report to a political party or political leader, nor are they the chattel of hidden agendas or fraternal schemes. They are the voice of their electorate. If any one of you has the stomach to expose and hold accountable the real terrorists of our world, then you would be deemed to be a true leader. 

The people of the world are “good”. Regardless of their colour, station in life, religious or political affiliation, they all seek peace and opportunity. They want to be participants in God’s Creation. Unfortunately, they, as we, have become the victims of two age old covert philosophies – “divide and conquer” and “order out of chaos”.

Your role, as an elected official, is to find common ground with another person’s point of view, your role is to seek justice for those who are incapable of seeking of it on their own, your role is to manage the course of humanity in a technologically changing world, and your role is to care about the people you represent. Everything else will take care of itself - someone far greater than a politician committed this to you long ago.

We should also be grateful as Canadians, that individuals such as Dawkins and Scott have the courage to present what I am prepared to accept as the “truth”. We don’t need terrorism legislation because the terrorists are in our government and the corporate elite.

Always remember one thing, one man’s terrorist or revolutionary is another man’s hero. In many cases, terrorists and revolutionaries rise to become government leaders. It’s a matter of degree, if you know what I mean.

David Hawkins implicates CTV, Signal Systems, a company owned by the McLean Group of Companies and Jason Mclean in the Boston Bombings. The trail of murder, conspiracy and crimes that have been made public in this video should expose many high ranking government officials for what they really are. The connection between Col. Russell Williams, his wife Mary E. Harriman, and Karla Homolka will intrigue you. Who is Cristine Marcy you ask?

Hawkins – “the leaders Canada and Vancouver have created a pool of killers inside the prison system who are released on parole to kill and stage crimes”.

Your role as members of parliament is to investigate these allegations, and hold individuals accountable for their crimes if the results prove damning. We don’t need enquiries, we need action. Time is running out.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede



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