Saturday, April 20, 2013

Most Americans Are Stupid Beyond Belief

Most Americans Are Stupid Beyond Belief

To watch a bunch of brainless Americans shout USA, USA, USA when the “Boston Terror Plot” suspect was apprehended is ridiculously absurd.  The American idiots thought they were watching a UFC match. I could not view this farcical spectacle, but I must ask; did the idiots have their thumbs up or down?

Did anyone bother to question the fact that the 19 year old suspect was near death, bleeding, lifeless inside a boat and could not harm a fly?  For the suspect to have been surrounded by local police authorities, the FBI, the local Sheriff’s office, Department of Homeland security officials and the entire criminal U.S. Black Operations staff, you would have thought they were apprehending a regiment of Nazi soldiers. If anything, this proved to be the successful implementation of Martial Law.

The fanaticism unleashed by the news organizations is beyond belief. Not only is Barack Obama a murderous criminal of unfathomable proportions, who was indicted for war crimes the same day as the bombings, along with George Bush Jr., but so is the U.S. and global NEWS media that supported this “terror epidemic”.

Not only is the entire event pure fiction, but the real criminals remain protected in a white house. Total ignorance has so befallen the American people that they no longer see the evil and chaos being perpetrated by the inner workings of the U.S. government, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Military Industrial complex.

If the Americans had any ounce of civility and brains they would march on Washington and raze to the ground the i) White House, ii) Federal Reserve Bank and iii) the House of the Temple. Once they have accomplished this task, board your ships and sail across the Atlantic Ocean. Then do the British queen and the Nazi Dutch queen what Oliver Cromwell did to one of their ancestors so long ago. These two “Brides of Frankenstein” are the brains behind your puppet dictator known as Obama.

Finally, the Texas fertilizer plant explosion was a back-up incident in the event the Boston Bombing Plot failed to materialize in the fashion your Black Operations people envisioned its outcome. All I know is that one young man is dead, another in critical condition and many people in Texas have lost their lives, so that a criminal faction of the U.S. government could survive scrutiny.

America, how stupid can you be? You are the laughing stock of the world. My only hang-up is that you have convinced our Canadian Prime Minister to go along for the ride.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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