Friday, April 26, 2013

Re-Visiting the Dragon and Bear

Re-Visiting the Dragon and Bear

America and her Globalist controllers are awakening a sleeping giant. How far will mad-people go to spark the extinction protocol? While I firmly believe that nuclear weapons will never be unleashed on this planet anytime soon, the real weapons of mass destruction are quietly being prepared by a very angry foe. A foe who may have every right to be upset, when one considers the patience it has extended those mad-people.

Recently an Asian friend informed me that Chinese students were always required to learn three things; Mandarin, Math and English. Well English has been “dropped”. The Dragon and Bear have quietly arisen from their lairs. On March 23, 2011 I wrote the following poem and attached it to my blog -


Dragon and Bear

Ominously glaring down from a mountainous gorge
Talons piercing the dirt beneath it
Bellowing fire creates steam atop the dancing Yangtze
Enduring is its power over the mighty waters below

Across the valley a thundering roar
Footsteps mimic the sounds of a quaking earth
Piercing eyes radiate a fearless calm
Power and patience reflecting from each mighty fang

The prodigious Dragon deliberate in its response
Ursus clandestinely camouflaging its mighty strength
The two meet in the land of the Great Khan
There the spirit of Temujin unites the two great powers

Cossack and Mongol transformed to one mighty beast
Careful is their watch over the famished eagle
Flying lost in its attempt to place a deadened quarry to the ground
Peace in the distance awaits the fall of the tragic bird.

Folks - The Dragon is China, the Bear is Russia and the Eagle is the USA. We are quickly approaching this end.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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