Saturday, April 27, 2013

Remembering Carmine Lunardo

Remembering Carmine Lunardo

A good old boy passed away yesterday. His name was Carmine Lunardo.  He was, as we say, a “paisan”. He was an individual that always left a great impression, and he loved to smile.

Two things in particular stand out when I reminisce about this man. First, he was a landscaper by trade and he used to cut our grass. He always did so with a vest, checkered shirt and tie, that’s right, a tie. Secondly, he loved spaghetti. When I say loved, I mean loved. I recall him having a pound of spaghetti in a big clay pot. He sat as he twirled the pasta with a big “salad” fork. It was a pleasure to watch him eat – LOL.

He once told me a story that embodied the immigrant struggle. When he first came to Canada from Italy he could not speak English, nor did he have any particular skill. But just like every other Italian at the time (early 1950’s), he was determined to do whatever, to make a dollar. He said that he would wake up just before sunrise, and after getting dressed he would get ready to “walk”. He would walk along one side of the street, knocking on each door, asking for work. He would keep walking on that one side of the street until midday, and then cross to the other side. He would then commence knocking on doors on the opposite side of the street until he finally returned home. He said that sometimes he walked for weeks, and sometimes months, asking for work until someone gave him something to do.

It is rare that parents lose their children prior to their own passing. Sadly, Carmine lost his only son to cancer a few years ago, and his only daughter to cancer as well.

He was a good soul. Rest peacefully.
Joseph Pede


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