Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stop the Rhetoric

Stop The Rhetoric - $3.1 Billion unaccounted for in the Canadian anti-terrorism budget!

The solution is simple – “Put these “political bastards in jail”.  Billions of lost dollars in this economy will mean an increased burden for ordinary Canadians. Once these bastards have been found guilty they should be “executed”.  We need to bring back honest government - the fear of Death and God should do it. Why is that we fail to realize the "hardship" this kind of corruption brings - lost jobs, hunger, nepotism. white collar crime, poverty etc. We imprision young adults for stealing a pack of cigarettes valued at $10.00 and then allow "publicly" elected officials to get away with unspeakable crimes.

The enormous social impact corrupt governments and banks are having on nation-states is criminal. Let’s stop coddling criminals. Seize the bank accounts and pension plans of these criminal politicians.
To top it all off the cancelled hydro project will cost Ontario taxpayers $600 million. It makes me want to puke to watch them excuse themselves and seek public sympathy. Disgraceful!

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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