Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Last Card

The Last Card

We have known for years that the last Illuminati card would involve aliens. Their introduction would be the product of the “Pike/Mazzini Manifesto” and “Order out of Chaos”. To date this plan has failed miserably. While we continue to experience global financial and monetary chaos, pandemic war, unnatural disasters, planetary eruptions and a host of catastrophes, too many to mention, the manifesto has failed to reach its desired crescendo.

Mankind has in some way managed to react to these events with one eye shut and the other half-cocked. I have in earlier commentaries provided my own definitions of consciousness and evil. I wish to add elaborate on what consciousness is:

a)     Consciousness allows the soul to experience dimensional realities,
b)    Consciousness does not evolve or mutate, but rather goes through a process of perfection,

c)     Consciousness as the gatekeeper of a dimensional reality can transmigrate or even “freeze-up”.  At present, global consciousness has allowed “evil” to thrive on this dimensional plane. It has done so in the belief that those we have placed in charge were honorable. This has proven to be a great error.

The following YouTube videos are from the 2005 Jaime Maussan UFO Conference:

In summary, the crop circle depicted in these YouTube videos has an elaborate binary encoded message. It reads as follows:

Beware the bearers of false gifts and broken promises

Much pain but there is still time

Believe there is still good out there

We oppose the deceivers

The conduit is closing

If you do not believe in extraterrestrial life then I extend my apologies, but if you do, then the above message is a warning that consciousness has been subdued by trickery. Your only recourse is to close both eyes and pray, or to open both so that humanity can continue on its journey to perfection.

The roles of kings and queens, prime ministers and presidents have become one of betrayal and deception. If you cannot see this, then once again close your eyes and consider the murderous web that has entrapped humanity. A warning has come from afar, and one was written long ago. Is it not time that you make a difference?

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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