Friday, May 31, 2013

FaceBook Has Blocked My Account

I was active on FaceBook for about two months. During that time FaceBook blocked virtually all my friend requests. They stated that the people I had asked to be friends were in fact people I did not know, yet most were work colleagues, friends and family I had known for decades. I also invited many European Union members of parliament who are frequent recipients of my emails. In disgust I asked complete strangers from Asia and South America to be my friends. Oddly, all accepted my friend requests and none of the invitations were blocked. Vietnamese readers of my posts responded favourably to my postings. In fact my "LIKES" had surpassed a count of 11,500. FaceBook recently reset my "LIKES" to 100. They removed over 11,000 "Likes", and Google Blogger has eliminated tens of thousands of visitor counts to my BLOG. Obviously someone is undermining my impact on social media.

When FaceBook blocked my account they informed me that I was not Joseph Pede, even though I am Joseph Pede.

Social Media is a vast information gathering network. The Globalists are employing an "analytics" agenda in attempting to take full control of "social consciousness". The corporatists will go to great lenghts to know everything about you. This will allow them to build media, fashion, music, technology or any type of model that could manipulate your mind.

By posting your "diary" online you relinquish personal details about yourself. This allows the corporatists to build a "human file" on you and your friends. Technically, they could exterminate an entire group of people if they determined they were a threat to the new Order.

When you are online messaging with friends, they have the ability to analyze your thought patterns, when communicating via video they can record key personal traits such as your speech patterns and eye fingerprints, and when communicating with touchpad technology, they can store your fingerprints.

I use Social media to communicate i) alternative news events, ii) issues of esoteric importance, iii) scientific revelations, iv) historical events and v) the political sentiment throughout the world. I made available stories that impacted your brain and hopefully your heart.  This is a complete contradiction to what Social Media wants us to do. Social media is a mechanism for "thought control". Be careful in exposing your "Self" because they may take it away from you one day!

I would like for you to read my brief commentary entitled "The Diary" via the following LINK:

Thank you,
Joseph Pede

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