Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Illegal Aliens and The Bilderberg Group

Illegal Aliens and The Bilderberg Group

No country in the world would allow 10,000,000 illegal aliens to acquire citizenship unless there was an ulterior political motive. Bestowing illegal aliens citizenship inside America, is no different than providing visas to the destabilizing mercenary Jihadists inside Syria.

Once they gain access to the system, they will support any unorthodox or subversive government agenda. This is how cancer is cultivated inside a democratic body. This new citizenry will act as a powerful human virus marching and supporting the political propaganda of the day – even if it is corrupt. This is how you build an army of terrorist sleeper-cells.

Likewise, the Bilderberg Group is a terrorist cabal that plans global terror in advance of its occurrence. They set a covert global agenda without a political mandate; they do so openly and without recourse. Members of this Cabal are guilty of assassination, war, genocide, disease and financial chaos. Their crimes warrant their complete extermination. Terror will once again come together at the “Grove” in Watford, U.K.

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