Friday, May 10, 2013

Madeleine Duncan Brown - John F Kennedy Assassination Revealed

Roger Stone is releasing a newly authored book accusing Lyndon B Johnson of master-minding the assassination of John F Kennedy. Forget the book. Listen to Madeleine Duncan Brown's private interview detailing the JFK assassination. This interview has been in the public domain for many years.

LBJ started the trail of murder in the White House, but he had the cooperation of the then CIA head George Bush Sr. But this is only part of the conspiracy. Executive Order 11110 and my many other commentaries document how the most significant man of the 20th century took on every royal and political demon and got killed - but did he really.

If we are to survive the 21st century then we must revisit JFK and bring him onside. Believe it or not, JFK even believed in NIBIRU. He numbered his Air Force One plane 26,000 to coincide with an event that was decades away - The Precession of the Equinox.

Now listen to Madeleine Brown:

Get to know everything about JFK and put the mistresses aside. While real, they in no way should over-shadow the immense humanity and love JFK had for the world. He would have created a truly humane One World Order. The Windsor queen, the Nazi queen Beatrice, the Rothschild, LBJ, Bush and others felt that Satan was a more appropriate head of planet Earth.

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Joseph Pede


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