Friday, May 24, 2013

Make a Choice

Make a Choice

The amount of flesh Mankind has buried underground in the past century defies all logic. The earth has swelled and become rich with the remnant remains of feeding maggots and vermin. The gravedigger’s brow is over-run with sweat as bullets and bombs continue to rage across the bloodied landscapes. 

Disfigured soldiers with emptied rifles, and the survivors, fully comprehend the ugly brutality of war. They have witnessed the unspeakable crimes one human being can do to another. In turn, the killing fields have harvested an unspeakable and undefinable hate.

You would think that in this technological age the blood and guts that have been spewed across dirt roads, arid deserts and barren mountains would be a reminder that war can have no victor. We grieve when a small number of victims die as sacrificial lambs on domestic soil, and completely ignore the millions who have been radiated, amputated, psychologically scarred and killed in foreign lands. How blind can our ignorance be?

We have been led to believe that insane terrorists, immoral dictators and religious fanatics are at the heart of our defensive posture. We have even allowed political and military monsters to spawn a weapon of security and to invoke the doctrine of protectionism - these policies have become our prison guards.

It is critical for readers to understand that virtually every global leader is attached to the end-times apocalyptic plan. They have been carefully chosen, bred and indoctrinated into the service of the global cabal. Their loyalty to the cause is unwavering and their willingness to do anything criminal is resolute. Pre-meditated murder is the calling card for fraternal acceptance. Their stature, wealth and position in society flourishes with each capital crime they commit. Is there not a resemblance to the culture of the “Hells Angels”?

These bastards reward themselves with castles, while they build prisons for the petty thief who seeks money for food.

The depth of the insanity is so profound that words cannot begin to explain it. Historically, Prophets have presented themselves whenever Mankind deviated from God’s plan. But to what end? We have taken peaceful words of love and peace and made them weapons of war. Holy scriptures have been tormented by occulted gematria rather than common sense. We cannot complicate the word of God to suit the will of Man. Whenever ominous scripture simulates real life events it becomes a calling card for change – a change in consciousness. It is our cue that we have erred in our decision-making and choices.

There are many of us who fail to recognize the real dangers that exist in our times. Many of us discount how a problem so distant could possibly impact our lives. You must always remember that humanity is a hologram and anything anyone does impacts us all. This is a key principal of Chaos Theory and the Butterfly Effect. It explains the ubiquitous nature of human consciousness.

We cannot allow banks and perceived elected governments to continue dictating the course of humanity. They are the minions of Satanic kings and queens. We must stop their centuries old thirst for war, blood and power. They are at the heart of the global chaos. Seize them and Mankind will find peace and harmony. Then we must once again embrace God.

We are at a time where you must choose your angel or demon.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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