Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mayor Rob Ford – Part II

Mayor Rob Ford – Part II

More of the Mayor’s senior staff has resigned. Surprisingly, most of his staff has resigned over “unproven allegations” about his cocaine use.  There is something very ominous in the air. More mysterious is the fact that senior municipal staff would resign their positions in an environment where jobs are extremely difficult to find.

For most people finding a job is a job in itself. When one has a lucrative and well-paying job one seldom forfeits the comfort of that security unless one has already been provided a safe haven.

In my past experiences as a private sector financial executive I learned quickly that employers, above all else, valued loyalty. While I was one to value job performance, employees who supported the organizational and leadership vision of the leader, generally had long tenure. In the Mayor’s case there is no visible employee loyalty, and job performance appears to be of no consequence. In difficult times both the leader and his team-members generally rally to make things better. In this case we have a surreptitious mutiny.

I am curious to know what organizations these mutineers have been employed by. There is something really sinister at play, and my hunch is that the “establishment hand” is at work. Torontonians, someone or something is going to great lengths to discredit and scar this Mayor.

Why has not this degree of vinegar been employed with our ex-Premier and the Prime Minister?  What you are witnessing is the controlled corruption that exists within our political system.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


David Miller Reaches From Political Grave To Cost Taxpayers $55 Million


Former mayor David Miller has reached out from the political grave to cost taxpayers $55 million.  For some reason, the media largely ignored it!

So how did this happen?  Let me explain.

Yesterday, Auditor General Jeff Griffiths delivered a report to the Audit Committee.  The subject of the report was a $7.9 million computer project from 2008.  He's revealed the budget for the project has since ballooned to $69.9 million!

After the initial project was approved, it appears a few million was added to the budget.  But then, buried deep in the 2010 budget, was a $55 million increase for this particular project.

There was no report to council.  There was no explanation for taxpayers.  There was no scrutiny of the project.

We still have no idea why the project, called Financial Planning, Analysis and Reporting System (FPARS), has been so badly mismanaged.

Local media outlets have largely ignored the issue.  CTV News Toronto ran a short clip of our spokesman demanding answers last night at 11:45pm.  Toronto Star ran a small article but refused to mention our outrage on the matter.

And believe me, we are outraged!

The irony isn't lost on us that David Miller was elected on the back of a similar scandal, the MFP Leasing Scandal.

In fact, when David Miller was elected mayor in 2003, he stood in front the city and held a broom.  He promised to clean up this type of practice.

We now know he was just sweeping it under the rug!

We may not be able to demand answers of David Miller now, but his former Budget Chief, Shelley Carroll, is still an elected Councillor.  We have some pointed questions for her.

What did she know?  When did she know it?  And why didn't she inform council about this $55 million?

She buried it deep into her last budget.  So what was she hiding?

Was this approved during a secret, in-camera budget meeting?

Heads would roll in the private sector over this!  So why wasn't the media been reporting on this very serious fiscal mismanagement?

And that, my friends, is the $55 million questions.

We have our work cut out for us over the next little while.  The media continues to ignore important issues like this, so we have to work extra hard to do the digging the media refuses to report.

As you know, we're all volunteers who run this organization in our spare time.

Can you please chip in $5 or whatever you can afford to help us continue to report on the issues that the media are currently ignoring?

Thank you.
Matthew McGuire
Toronto Taxpayers Coalition

P.S.  When the media is on a feeding frenzy is on, they stop reporting on the real issues that affect taxpayers.  That means we're currently working extra hard to watch what council is up to even if the media refuses to.  Please consider a donation to help us continue advocating on your behalf. Thank you.

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