Thursday, May 30, 2013

Mayor Rob Ford - Part III

Mayor Rob Ford - Part III

Andrea Horvath should not be considered a serious contender for the Premier’s office when the next Provincial election is held. Her support of a McGuinty government spear-headed by Kathleen Wynn is indefensible. On the other hand, Wynne’s attack on Mayor Ford’s office is intended to do one thing – add fuel to fire. If this is not calling the kettle black, then I can have no other explanation.

The next scheduled Toronto municipal elections are to be held on October 27, 2014. Prepping and priming the public for the new savior and mayor is at the core of this propaganda. They want to discredit Ford to the point where he becomes damaged goods. We should keep an eye on where the reporters who broke this story and the already exited Mayor’s staff end up.

Toronto is an extremely important city in the Globalist agenda. We may be too na├»ve to believe that, but having a progressive non-establishment Mayor in office could upset the apple-cart when “key decisions” have to be made. The establishment “cannot” trust this Mayor to do their bidding, and this is their key concern.

The underling ideology in this case is progressive change. Should this Mayor leave political office, for whatever reason, we can kiss transparency, accountability and honesty good-bye. As a tax-payer I am not interested in a leader’s human failings provided her/his political platform stays intact. I refer not to any criminal short-comings.

Political correctness means obedience. We don’t have time for these games anymore. Where’s the Beef? If the glove don’t fit, then we must acquit. I’m confident Disney will make a movie of this interesting Canadian saga - “Alice in Crack-Land with Two Hookers and Five Zombies”.

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Joseph Pede


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