Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Russia’s Syrian Solution

Russia’s Syrian Solution

To once again repeat, there is no Syrian uprising. The varied Jihadist mercenaries in Syria are the private armies of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, the USA, and somehow the Windsor queen.

Militarily and geo-politically it is understandable for Russia to want to protect its relationship with Syria. But military intervention in Syria would not be a wise decision. The bedlam in Syria is not unlike the chaos in Afghanistan. Both countries are completely destabilized and in a state of chaos.  An observable difference is that Syria has no poppy fields, and it is not the gateway to the huge gas, oil and rare earth mineral reserves as is Afghanistan and Iraq. Syria is about Russia and Iran, and to some extent China – depending on where China ultimately sits.

Fighting a host of unidentifiable and faceless enemies would take a tremendous toll on the Russian military and the economy. If Russia does decide to intervene, and I don’t mean by supplying Al Assad with a missile defense system and guided missiles, but rather by sending Russian artillery and troops into Syria, then it should forget about Damascus and Syria altogether. It should instead invade Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This is the only plausible Syrian solution. When you neutralize two of the key Satanists in the region, the real situation quickly presents itself.

Any Russian initiative must include China. China cannot sit on the fence while Russia acts alone. With China on board, NATO and Israel would automatically be drawn into the conflict. Does this mean world war? Most likely, but it would be a better solution than the planetary genocide planned by the Globalists (i.e. if they neutralize Putin and China). Attacking Saudi Arabia and Qatar may quell Globalism altogether – you just never know.

We are in perilous times, yet we have failed to remove the real enemies from the theatre of humanity – the Windsor queen, the Nazi Dutch queen, Obama, Netanyahu, the Emir of Qatar and King Abdullah, just to name a few.

Love who and what you are, but respect the fact that your fellow human being deserves the right to live as well. Do not let nationality, language and religion divide us. We share one planet and one true God. Recognize and remove the real enemies, so that we may finally live in peace.

Thank you,
Joseph Pede


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