Friday, May 3, 2013

Solution to Road-Tolls or High-Occupancy Lanes

Solution to Road-Tolls or High-Occupancy Lanes

Personally I don’t believe in these types of taxes/levies, but it appears our financially inept government leaders have no other choice. They continue to raise the bridge rather than lower the waters.

Proposed solution:

Roads are thoroughfares used by the general public. This commuting public travels to various destinations throughout the course of a day, week and year. These same commuters create the very wear and tear, congestion, environmental concerns and traffic issues we are trying to alleviate.

There is also a rumbling that Toronto City Council wants to re-introduce the additional vehicle “sticker charge”.

The most reasonable solution would be to have drivers pay a “once cent” per kilometer annual sticker fee, rather than the pre-existing fixed fee. For example, if someone drives 20,000 kilometers in one year the sticker charge should be $200.00. This would be a responsible levy and targets drivers based on their road usage. This is no different than gasoline consumption – the driver pays for his/her gasoline.  Managing this system would be effortless. In fact, the Ministry of Transportation collects kilometer data whenever you renew your sticker.

Now for the real problems:

If governments, at all levels, want to fix their annual budgets then expose the Masonic corruption that exists in the tender and hiring processes. The second major inexplicable expense lies in the use of “consultants”. Most consulting firms are Masonically affiliated organizations or the individual consultants are Freemasons. The government prides itself in advertising the fact that the individuals they hire are the best trained and educated in their field. So why do we need consultants? The problem is that our hiring process is RIGGED. It is pre-disposed to hire inept individuals who are the product of nepotism and Freemasonry.

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